Pyle Center

Overlooking the shores of Lake Mendota, Pyle Center offers visitors 135,000 square feet of comfortable meeting spaces, 8-hour chairs, rooftop terraces and more.

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Lowell Center

Steps from the shopping, dining and vibrant nightlife of downtown Madison, Lowell Center's comfortable guest rooms and modern amenities promise a pleasurable getaway.

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Let Pyle and Lowell Centers‘ comprehensive conference-building services help you set the stage for a memorable, successful event. Our internationally-renowned experts have facilitated thousands of the continuing education and professional development programs and events over the last 50 years, from hour-long meetings to week long multi site conferences.

“If I ever chair another national event, I will insist on working with the Pyle and Lowell Center staff, confident that I would be working with the best.”
-Outreach Scholarship Conference Attendee

Featured News & Events

"Singing & Dancing on the Silver Screen" course

“Singing & Dancing on the Silver Screen” course will be presented by UW-Madison Liberal Arts and Applied Studies Department on March 27, 2019 at Pyle Center.

In this course, you will  examine the role of music in early-sound film: How does music tell stories? What’s with all of the song and dance numbers? And how did music connect the world on-screen to the one outside of the theatre?

UW-Madison offers Palliative Care course

UW-Madison Liberal Arts and Applied Studies will offer the final day of the, “End of Life Palliative Care Counseling Certificate” course on Sat, March 30. This a transformative 5-day course, prepares all of us, whether we are professionals or conscientious individuals, to address the specific needs of people in the final phase of life

Solid Waste Landfill Course

Engineering Professional Development will host “Solid Waste Landfill Design” course on April 1.  This course offers industry-leading information on the principles and practices of solid waste landfill development, design, construction, and management.