Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is Lowell Center located?

A: Lowell Center address is 610 Langdon Street, Madison, WI 53703. We are located on the UW-Madison campus, only one block from Pyle Center and close to State Street. If you are arriving by GPS, please input 610 Frances Street for easy access to our parking and drop off at our main entrance.

Q: Where is parking located for hotel guests?

A: On-site parking is available to overnight hotel guests in Lowell Center ramp for $10/night.  Space is limited so it needs to be reserved in advance. Complimentary parking is always available to hotel guests at a nearby parking facility. Please indicate your parking preferences when you make your reservation. After check-out, your vehicle may remain parked until 5pm the day of check-out.

Q: What exercise facilities are available for hotel guests?

A: Lowell Center has a fitness room equipped with treadmills, a stair climber, elliptical machines, a recumbent bike, and free weights with bench. Hours are 6:30am – 10pm.

Q: Is breakfast included for hotel guests?

A: A breakfast buffet is included in the price of the room. Breakfast runs from 6:30am – 8:30am Monday – Friday, and from 7:30am – 9:30am on weekends.

Q: How is a room block set up?

A: If you wish to reserve blocks of five rooms or more, please call us at 608-262-0881 or email

Q: Who can stay at Lowell Center?

A:  Lowell Center is the ideal accommodation for anyone attending conferences or events associated with the University of Wisconsin, State of Wisconsin, or other educational and governmental groups. Alumni and parents or family of current and future UW students are also welcome. For more information about eligibility, click here.

Q: What are Lowell Center’s check in and check out times?

A: Check in time is 3pm, and check-out time is 11am.

Q: What is a CEU?
A: The Continuing Education Unit, commonly known as a CEU, is a nationally recognized way of recording the educational accomplishments of an individual who has completed significant non-credit educational and career enhancement experiences. One CEU is a unit of measurement defined as ten hours of full participation in an organized continuing education experience. For example, an authorized continuing education program that requires a participant to attend 16 hours of scheduled meeting time would be valued at 1.6 CEUs.

The CEU process offers printable validation and acknowledgement of extra learning sessions that students are involved in outside of the normal work environment. Although CEUs are not equivalent to academic credit and are not accepted by most colleges and universities toward a degree, they may be accepted as evidence of educational attainment by employers, certification and licensing agencies, and professional associations. Participants should check with their licensing/accreditation agencies regarding the acceptance of CEU credit.

Q: How do I get access to real time and past event reports?
A:  Please go here to find authorization forms. Access is granted at 2 levels:

Internet Users have access to data using a web browser for events the user has access to.

Named Users have direct access to the database for real time information, which can be launched here: Named users require special authorization.

Q:  What do I do if I am unable to log in to view reports?
A:  You may reset your password by following this link:

If your password does not work and you are sure you have the correct password, please log into After logging in this should sync your version with the current version of the reports library, which should allow you to log in.

If you have been locked out of the login portal, email with your log in information and request to be unlocked, or wait 30 minutes and try again.

QHow can I track certificate series programs?
A:  We have built custom reports to help track certificate series’ and we will work with individual units to implement certificate monitoring if desired.

QHow do I print a completion report for an individual?
A:  Run a completion report for the appropriate event (for the entire event) and print the page(s) you need.

Q:  What happens to the registration web link after a program has been completed?
A:  Events are set up to stop registration based on a predetermined date and time selected by the user. The default date is typically the day and time an event begins but can be any date/time the user selects.

QWhat is the best browser to use to view reports as a Named User?
A:  For the best experience, use a current version of Internet Explorer or Firefox.

QWhat is the best browser to use as an Internet User?
A:  Reports are browser non specific for internet users.

QAre there any guidelines for copying/exporting internet reports?
A: There is no export to Excel or PDF button available for reports. However, you can copy and paste into Excel by highlighting the relevant information within the data table. Be aware that highlighting outside of the appropriate data table may cause pasted information to format improperly.

QWhat do the letter codes stand for on the reports?
A:  Each report has a guide that should contain any codes used in the report. Those guides are on the web located just after the report description and typically begin with a numeric sequence beginning with 7.

Q: How do I merge duplicate accounts?
A: The request form can be found here. If you have multiple accounts you would like to submit as a batch, please contact us at

Q: Where do I find UW-Madison sales tax policies and forms that will apply to my event?
A: Follow this link to find the appropriate form.

Q: Who provides AV technology for UW Conference Centers’ meeting rooms?

A: In-house AV technicians are here to assist in your every need. Expert technological assistance is provided by an in house AV support group.


Q: Can I bring my own food or beverage to my event at UW Conference Centers?  

A: We are happy to provide excellent quality food and beverages for any event at our centers. No outside food or drink is allowed. Please call or email Event Planning and Sales at 608-262-0881 or for more information.

Q: Is wi-fi available at Pyle Center and Fluno Center?

A: Yes, wi-fi is available at both centers. Please stop by Guest Services at the front desk for instructions on connecting to wi-fi.