Art Exhibit Policies


To find out more details or book exhibit space, please contact us at (608) 262-0881 or

You may also fill out this brief form to request space. After submission, we will contact you to discuss your exhibit and help you understand all of your options


  • Exhibit space may be reserved from two weeks to two months, which includes setup and take down times.
  • The exhibitor is responsible for installing and removing the exhibit at an agreed upon time.
  • Pyle Center has a display system for all art exhibits. No other methods may be used to display artwork without prior approval.
  • Please prepare artwork for hanging prior to arrival. Be sure to consider how much space is available when determining the number of pieces you will display.
  • There is no available storage space at Pyle or Lowell Centers. Packing materials must be removed for the duration of the exhibit.
  • All sales must be arranged and processed by the exhibitor. Exhibitor information may be included on artwork, including price, but no auctioning or negotiations shall take place on our premises.
  • Title signs may be attached to walls using “poster putty” only; no tape, glue or other adhesives are allowed). Labels are the responsibility of the exhibitor, however they should adhere to a standard font and size format (approximately 2” x 3”), listing the following information: Title, artist name, medium, year, and price.
  • Other signs including the exhibit title, organization information, educational information, or artist’s statement may vary in size and format but must receive prior approval from the before they are installed.
  • Price lists and contact information may also be left at the front desk.