Our Event Planning Process Makes It Easy

Whether you’re planning a day of meetings for a few dozen or a week-long conference for hundreds, our Event Planners can provide you with the guidance and support you need to host a successful event.

For your convenience, we can book up to two years in advance or longer, according to the size and complexity of your event. Due to high demand, we recommend booking your event as soon as possible. Large, complex events can take months of preparation, while a small meeting can be arranged in just a few days.

To get the ball rolling for your event, we suggest that you consider the following details. If you have any questions or would like to tour our facilities, give our Event Planning and Sales team a call at (608) 262-0881 or email us at schedule@pyle.wisc.edu.


  1. Gather contact information for your organization’s event coordinators and billing personnel.

  2. Select a preferred date(s), and estimate the number of attendees.

  3. Estimate your space needs, technical support required, and any accomodations your guests might need.

  4. Consider additional services for your attendees like catering before and during the event, reserved parking and overnight lodging requirements.


  1. Give us a call at (608) 262-0881 or email at schedule@pyle.wisc.edu.


  1. Once you’re ready to book, we will provide a contract outlining the services you’ve requested and your billing information.


  1. Clients will receive a current Event Plan. Thoroughly review your plan, and make any changes or additions at this time.


  1. Finalize your lodging reservations. Room blocks held for overnight accommodations are released four weeks before an event.

  2. Need parking? Guest Services will help you with any parking request. For detailed information, click here.


  1. Our Event Planners will work with you to finalize your event agenda, discuss event count estimates and review any last minute changes. We will work with you on your final event details and create an event planning confirmation for you.


  1. Four business days prior to your event, your final catering meal counts and technical support orders are due. Changes requested after this date may not be accepted.


  1. Before you arrive, we’ve already prepared your event and checked your room and technical services to make sure eveything is in place. Throughout the day, rely on Pyle Center and Lowell Center staff to assist with any immediate questions or concerns.


  1. At the conclusion of your event you may receive a follow up survey to provide us with helpful feedback about your experience.

  2. Within two weeks, an invoice will be sent to your organization’s bill-to personnel, designated during the contract phase.