Supporting Local Artists

Pyle and Lowell Centers both offer space to local artists at no charge and with no commissions. Work changes monthly in addition to a permanent collection.

We have offered our space to local artists for decades at no charge nor commissions, because we believe in the value of art to culture and society. Over the years, we have been delighted by the variety of media and subjects that artists have brought into Pyle and Lowell Center. Providing space for art is an investment in our campus, community, and state.

Come visit our centers to explore our permanent collections, and our monthly exhibits from local artists.

Pyle Center is proud to exhibit The Wisconsin Sesquincentennial Portfolio in its permanent collection. The Portfolio is a collection of work by fifteen artists, chosen by reputation, artistic diversity and relation to the state, in celebration of Wisconsin’s 150th year of Statehood. The result is a premiere collection of 15 etchings printed in a limited edition of 125.

Pyle Center’s next exhibit will take place in February 2020. Watch this space for more information!


In addition to the Wisconsin Sesquicentennial Portfolio, Pyle and Lowell Centers host many other works from the likes of Tom Uttech, Sarah Aslakson and Ray Zovar, fine artists with strong Wisconsin ties.

We also exhibit many archival works and images with special permission from the Wisconsin Historical Society and UW-Madison Archives.